TAG Publishing LLC
Helping Authors Reach Their Dreams One Book at a Time

About TAG

TAG (The Amarillo Group) was started in 2006 by Dee Burks as a loose association of ghostwriters and writing coaches who worked for a variety of publishers helping authors produce bestselling books.

In 2007, Dee Burks and Liz Ragland partnered to create TAG Publishing, LLC to allow entrepreneurial authors access to the worldwide market. Dee Burks holds an MBA and has a background in corporate leadership and financial services. Liz Ragland holds an environment science degree and has previous experience in government work as well as entrepreneurial experience. Both have been in publishing for more than ten years. 

TAG Publishing now works with authors from all over the world including many from Canada, Australia, Europe, Great Britain, Malaysia, Israel and the U.S.

TAG Publishing specializes in the self-help market, specifically in the areas of personal development, real estate, health & fitness, business, and relationships. They hold live author school trainings specifically designed to help authors market their books in the most successful way possible.

In 2010, TAG Publishing launched a new fiction line and a children’s book line. TAG Publishing also holds The Great American Novel contest each fall to search for new and undiscovered authors.

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